Our first EP: 

Currently we are producing our first EP!!! It is almost done!!! It's gonna be awesome!! 



NEW SONG!!!: Fading Memories

Check it out on "Media"



Youtube Channel up to date:



Members (01/11/2014):

 Unfortunately we have to announce that Robin F. is no longer in the band. However he is still a good friend of us ! We wish him the best !!!



Dead Memories (12/29/2013):

 We just released our Slipknot cover of  "Dead Memories"!! We hope you like it !!


 Check it out on "Media" !! It's called "Last Breath" !! And we are working on other songs... 




 We proudly announce our new bandmembers!! Now Jan S. is our rhythm guitarist and Robin F. is playing drums. Welcome!! However we are still looking for a bass player!!! If you are interested, contact us, please !!


Please, give us some feedback !! Write us something !! 



- New song "Fading Memories"


- Slipknot cover "Dead Memories"


- Rehearsing, recording, writing